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Physics  2001 

Formation of Compact Binaries in Globular Clusters

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We report here on two complementary population synthesis studies which relate directly to the formation and evolution of neutron star binaries in globular clusters. In the first, we compute the probability of retaining neutron stars in globular clusters, and quantitatively confirm the idea that the retention fraction for neutron stars born in binary systems is greatly enhanced over those born in isolated stars. However, the retention fraction may well be insufficient to explain the current population of neutron star binaries. In the second study, we follow a large population of primordial binaries and neutron stars throughout the lifetime of a globular cluster whose properties may be similar to 47 Tuc. We directly compute all 3-body interactions among binary systems, neutron stars, and isolated field stars throughout the history of the cluster. The evolution of certain types of neutron star binaries is followed up to the current epoch. The numbers of close, recycled, binary radio pulsars are evaluated and compared with the results of radio observations.


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