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Physics  2001 

A Natural Concept of Image in the Physics of fr. Alonso de la Veracruz

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Alonso de la Veracruz conducted a physical study of image, regarding the activities of Soul in which image is produced, as organic operations. This research was particularly important since, at that time, image was systematically used to propagate the European culture in New Spain. Besides, Alonso uses the visual radius to criticize the magical attitude popular in Renaissance, denying the far sight and fascinations abilities attributed to witches. Also, Alonso Guti\'errez applies the Aristotelian physics to deny the healing powers attributed to the kings of France and England, secularizing this way the gallic monarchies, and several other superstitions of that time. This way, the physics of image developed by Alonso can be considered as close to the rationalism of Descartes inasmuch as Guti\'errez criticizes the magical view of Renaissance and introduces geometrical elements to elucidate physical problems.


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