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Physics  2014 

Inhomogeneous Cooling of the Rough Granular Gas in Two Dimensions

DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/107/44001

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We study the inhomogeneous clustered regime of a freely cooling granular gas of rough particles in two dimensions using large-scale event driven simulations and scaling arguments. During collisions, rough particles dissipate energy in both the normal and tangential directions of collision. In the inhomogeneous regime, translational kinetic energy and the rotational energy decay with time $t$ as power-laws $t^{-\theta_T}$ and $t^{-\theta_R}$. We numerically determine $\theta_T \approx 1$ and $\theta_R \approx 1.6$, independent of the coefficients of restitution. The inhomogeneous regime of the granular gas has been argued to be describable by the ballistic aggregation problem, where particles coalesce on contact. Using scaling arguments, we predict $\theta_T=1$ and $\theta_R=1$ for ballistic aggregation, $\theta_R$ being different from that obtained for the rough granular gas. Simulations of ballistic aggregation with rotational degrees of freedom are consistent with these exponents.


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