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Physics  2015 

Waterlike Features, Liquid-Crystal Phase and Self-Assembly in Janus Dumbbells

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We use Molecular Dynamics simulations to explore the properties of dimmeric Janus nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are modeled as dumbbells. One kind of monomer interacts by a Lennard-Jones potential, while the other specie of monomer interacts though a two length scale potential. This specific two length scale potential do not present waterlike anomalies in bulk. However, our results shows that, when combined in a dimmer, the Janus nanoparticle will have waterlike anomalies. The self-assembly properties were also explored. We observe several kinds of micelles, and a liquid-crystal phase. This results indicates that is possible to create Janus nanoparticles with waterlike features using monomers without anomalous behavior. The anomalies and structures are explained with the two length scale potential characteristics.


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