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Physics  2015 

Critical entropies and magnetic-phase-diagram analysis of ultracold three-component fermionic mixtures in optical lattices

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.92.023633

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We study theoretically many-body equilibrium magnetic phases and corresponding thermodynamic characteristics of ultracold three-component fermionic mixtures in optical lattices described by the SU(3)-symmetric single-band Hubbard model. Our analysis is based on the generalization of the exact diagonalization solver for multicomponent mixtures that is used in the framework of the dynamical mean-field theory. It allows us to obtain a finite-temperature phase diagram with the corresponding transition lines to magnetically ordered phases at filling one particle per site (1/3 band filling) in simple cubic lattice geometry. Based on the developed theoretical approach, we also attain the necessary accuracy to study the entropy dependence in the vicinity of magnetically ordered phases that allows us to make important predictions for ongoing and future experiments aiming to approach and study long-range-order phases in ultracold atomic mixtures.


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