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Physics  2015 

False Prediction of Fundamental Properties of Metals by Hybrid Functionals

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The repercussions of an inaccurate account of electronic states near the Fermi level EF by hybrid functionals in predicting several important metallic properties are investigated. The diffculties in- clude a vanishing or severely suppressed density of states (DOS) at EF, significantly widened valence bandwidth, greatly enhanced electron-phonon (el-ph) deformation potentials, and an overestimate of magnetic moment in transition metals. The erroneously enhanced el-ph coupling calculated by hybrid functionals may lead to a false prediction of lattice instability. The main culprit of the problem comes from the simplistic treatment of the exchange functional rooted in the original Fock exchange energy. The use of a short-ranged Coulomb interaction alleviates some of the drawbacks but the fundamental issues remain unchanged.


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