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Physics  2009 

Electromagnetically induced transparency in an inverted Y-type four-level system

DOI: 10.1088/0031-8949/81/01/015402

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The interaction of a weak probe laser with an inverted-Y type four-level atomic system driven by two additional coherent fields is investigated theoretically. Under the influence of the coherent coupling fields, the steady-state linear susceptibility of the probe laser shows that the system can have single or double electromagnetically induced transparency windows depending on the amplitude and the detuning of the coupling lasers. The corresponding index of refraction associated with the group velocity of the probe laser can be controlled at both transparency windows by the coupling fields. The propagation of the probe field can be switched from superluminal near the resonance to subluminal on resonance within the single transparency window when two coupling lasers are on resonance. This provides a potential application in quantum information processing. We propose an atomic $^{87}Rb$ system for experimental observation.


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