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Physics  2010 

Solid state multi-ensemble quantum computer in waveguide circuit model

DOI: 10.1134/S1054660X11150175

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The first realization of solid state quantum computer was demonstrated recently by using artificial atoms -- transmons in superconducting resonator. Here, we propose a novel architecture of flexible and scalable quantum computer based on a waveguide circuit coupling many quantum nodes of controlled atomic ensembles. For the first time, we found the optimal practically attainable parameters of the atoms and circuit for 100{%} efficiency of quantum memory for multi qubit photon fields and confirmed experimentally the predicted perfect storage. Then we revealed self modes for reversible transfer of qubits between the quantum memory node and arbitrary other nodes. We found a realization of iSWAP gate via direct coupling of two arbitrary nodes with a processing rate accelerated proportionally to number of atoms in the node. A large number of the two-qubit gates can be simultaneously realized in the circuit for implementation of parallel quantum processing. Dynamic coherent elimination procedure of excess quantum state and collective blockade mechanism are proposed for realization of $iSWAP$ and $\sqrt {iSWAP} $ quantum gates.


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