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Physics  2000 

SNS Front End Diagnostics

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The Front End of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) extends from the Ion Source (IS), through a 65 keV LEBT, a 402.5 MHz RFQ, a 2.5 MeV MEBT, ending at the entrance to the DTL. The diagnostics suite in this space includes stripline beam position and phase monitors (BPM), toroid beam current monitors (BCM), and an emittance scanner. Provision is included for beam profile measurement, either gas fluorescence, laser-based photodissociation, or a crawling wire. Mechanical and electrical design and prototyping of BPM and BCM subsystems are proceeding. Significant effort has been devoted to packaging the diagnostic devices in minimal space. Close ties are maintained to the rest of the SNS effort, to ensure long term compatibility of interfaces and in fact share some design work and construction. The data acquisition, digital processing, and control system interface needs for the BPM, BCM, and LEBT diagnostic are similar, and we are committed to using an architecture common with the rest of the SNS collaboration.


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