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Physics  2000 

Observation of a New J(PC)=1(+-) Isoscalar State in the Reaction Pi- Proton -> Omega Eta Neutron at 18 GeV/c

DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(00)01347-2

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Results are presented on a partial wave analysis of the Omega Eta final state produced in Pi- Proton interactions at 18 GeVc where Omega -> Pi+ Pi- Pi0, Pi0 -> 2 Gammas, and Eta -> 2 Gammas. We observe the previously unreported decay mode Omega(1650) -> Omega Eta and a new 1(+-) meson state h1(1595) with a mass M=1594(15)(+10)(-60) MeV/c^2 and a width Gamma=384(60)(+70)(-100) MeV/c^2. The h1(1595) state exhibits resonant-like phase motion relative to the Omega(1650).


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