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Physics  1998 

Diffraction : past, present and future

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Hadronic diffraction has become a hot and fashionable subject in recent years due to the great interest triggered by the HERA and Tevatron data. These data have helped to put the field in a different perspective paving the road to a hopefully more complete understanding than hitherto achieved. The forthcoming data in the next few years from even higher energies (LHC) promise to sustain this interest for a long time. It is, therefore, necessary to provide the younger generations with as complete as possible discussion of the main developments that have marked the growth of high energy diffractive physics in the past and to assess the present state of the art. For this reason, this part will be by far the largest. The analysis of the relationship between conventional diffractive physics and the low-x physics from deep inelastic scattering will allow us also to review the instruments which could help to understand the developments we can expect from the future.


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