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Physics  1999 

Nonperturbative corrections to B -> X_s l^+ l^- with phase space restrictions

DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(99)01259-9

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We study nonperturbative corrections up to O(1/m_b^3) in the inclusive rare B decay B -> X_s l^+ l^- by performing an operator product expansion. The values of the matrix elements entering at this order are unknown and introduce uncertainties into physical quantities. Imposing a phase space cut to eliminate the $c \bar{c}$ resonances we find that the O(1/m_b^3) corrections introduce an O(10%) uncertainty in the measured rate. We also find that the contributions arising at O(1/m_b^3) are comparable to the ones arising at O(1/m_b^2) over the entire region of phase space.


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