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Physics  2003 

Analysis of polarized $^{16}$O$(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})$ observables within the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximation

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.69.034604

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Recoil nucleon transferred polarization observables in coincidence quasielastic electron scattering are studied within the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximation. Results for response functions and polarization asymmetries are discussed for proton knockout from $p_{1/2}$, $p_{3/2}$ and $s_{1/2}$ shells in $^{16}$O. The impact of spinor distortion is examined by comparing the fully relativistic calculation with results obtained by projecting out the negative-energy components. In particular, a careful analysis of effects linked to the description of the bound and scattered relativistic nucleon wave functions is presented. The high sensitivity of some polarization observables to the dynamical enhancement of the lower components, already shown within the relativistic plane wave impulse approximation, is proven to be maintained in the relativistic distorted wave approach. Semi-relativistic approaches based on the effective momentum approximation are also studied. Finally, comparison with experimental data and a brief analysis of effects linked to medium modified form factors is presented.


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