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Physics  2001 

$ω$-Meson Photoproduction on Nucleons In the Near Threshold Region

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The $\omega$-meson photoproduction, $\gamma+p\to p+\omega$, is studied in the framework of a model, containing $\pi$-meson exchange in t-channel and nucleon-exchange in s- and u-channels. Considering both $\omega NN$-coupling constants in the region of time-like meson four momenta as the free parameters, we find different sets of solutions for these constants from the existing data on the t-dependence of the differential cross sections, $d\sigma(\gamma+p\to p+\omega)/dt$, in the near threshold region $E_{\gamma}\leq 2$ GeV. These sets of $\omega NN$-coupling constants, corresponding to destructive and constructive $\pi\bigotimes N$-interference contributions to $d\sigma/dt$ can be well distinguished by measurements of beam asymmetry, induced by linear photon polarization.


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