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Physics  2001 

General Relativistic Initial Data for the Binary Black Hole / Neutron Star System in Quasicircular Orbit

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We present an algorithm for solving the general relativistic initial value equations for a corotating polytropic star in quasicircular orbit with a nonspinning black hole. The algorithm is used to obtain initial data for cases where the black hole mass is 1, 3, and 10 times larger than the mass of the star. By analyzing sequences of constant baryon mass, constant black hole mass initial data sets and carefully monitoring the numerical error, we find innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) configuration for these cases. While these quasiequilibrium, conformally flat sequences of initial data sets are not true solutions of the Einstein equations (each set, however, solves the full initial value problem), and thus, we do not expect the ISCO configurations found here to be completely consistent with the Einstein equations, they will be used as convenient starting points for future numerical evolutions of the full 3+1 Einstein equations.


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