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Physics  1999 

Moduli as Inflatons in Heterotic M-theory

DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2000/03/020

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We consider different cosmological aspects of Heterotic M-theory. In particular we look at the dynamical behaviour of the two relevant moduli in the theory, namely the length of the eleventh segment (pi rho) and the volume of the internal six manifold (V) in models where supersymmetry is broken by multiple gaugino condensation. We look at different ways to stabilise these moduli, namely racetrack scenarios with or without non-perturbative corrections to the Kahler potential. The existence of different flat directions in the scalar potential, and the way in which they can be partially lifted, is discussed as well as their possible role in constructing a viable model of inflation. Some other implications such as the status of the moduli problem within these models are also studied.


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