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Physics  1999 

About the time of evolution of a Solar Model

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The evolution of a solar model is initialized with homogeneous models of either, pre-main sequence (P-models) or, zero-age main sequence (Z-models). The zero-age of a solar model is conventionally referenced as the time where the nuclear reactions just begin to dominate gravitation as the primary source of energy. Fixing the physics, we found that the structure of P- and Z-models computed with the same physics are almost similar soon after the exhaustion of their convective core. This similarity gives a connection between the age of the Sun t_sun and the time t_cal elapsed in the calculation of calibrated solar models. We found that a Z-model calibrated with t_cal=t_sun and a P-model calibrated with t_cal=t_sun+25My, are indistinguishable at the relative accuracy level of a few 10^{-4}.


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