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Physics  2015 

Exact-Diagonalization Analysis of Composite Excitations in the t-J Model

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We examine spectral properties of doped holes dressed with surrounding spin cloud in the t-J model. These composite-hole excitations well characterize prominent band structures in the angle-resolved photoemission spectrum. In one-dimensional (1D) case at half-filling, we identify the composite operators that separately pick up the spinon and holon branches, respectively. After hole doping, we find that the composite hole excitations with string-like spins tend to be localized at k=\pi/2 in the momentum space. This means that such composite excitations should be actual electronic excitations, since the spinon and holon branches merge together at this momentum. In 2D case, we find that the composite excitations with more non-local spin fluctuation have stronger intensity near the Fermi level. The composite band structure along diagonal (0,0)-(\pi,\pi) direction in 2D has some similarity to that in 1D, and such non-local spin fluctuation plays an important role on the formation of the pseudogap in high-Tc cuprates.


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