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Physics  2002 

The nature is simple in essence - on gravitation and electromagnetism unification

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The proposed temporal fluctuations model attempt for a unitary vision on gravity, electromagnetism and inertia. On obtain Newton law of gravitation and Coulomb law by starting from simple principles. On obtain too the main results of General Relativity Theory and Electromagnetism. One of the major points of present work is to obtain unified potential, which allow a unitary description of gravity and electromagnetism. As consequence, on obtain supplemental effects responsible for conservation laws violation in certain closed systems. On maintain the validity of conservation laws only if those systems are coupling with vacuum. This fact can be used for energy production and/or transport. This proposed model opening to quantum and nuclear physics, but those subjects will be developed in a future work. Keywords: general relativity, gravitation, inertia, electromagnetism, Biefild-Brown effect


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