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Physics  1997 

Decoupling of Supersymmetric Particles in the MSSM

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A heavy supersymmetric spectrum at the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model is considered and the decoupling from the low energy electroweak scale is analyzed. A formal and partial proof of decoupling of supersymmetric particles in the limit where their masses are larger than the electroweak scale is performed by integrating out all the sparticles to one loop and by evaluating the effective action for the standard electroweak gauge bosons $W^{\pm}, Z$ and $\gamma$. The Higgs sector is not considered here. Analytical results for the two-point functions of the electroweak gauge bosons and the $S, T$ and $U$ parameters, to be valid in that limit, are also presented. A discussion on how the decoupling takes place in terms of both the physical sparticle masses and the non-physical mass parameters as the $\mu$-parameter and the soft-breaking parameters is included.


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