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Physics  2004 

Proposed magneto-electrostatic ring trap for neutral atoms

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.70.053616

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We propose a novel trap for confining cold neutral atoms in a microscopic ring using a magneto-electrostatic potential. The trapping potential is derived from a combination of a repulsive magnetic field from a hard drive atom mirror and the attractive potential produced by a charged disk patterned on the hard drive surface. We calculate a trap frequency of [29.7, 42.6, 62.8] kHz and a depth of [16.1, 21.8, 21.8] MHz for [133Cs, 87Rb, 40K], and discuss a simple loading scheme and a method for fabrication. This device provides a one-dimensional potential in a ring geometry that may be of interest to the study of trapped quantum degenerate one-dimensional gases.


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