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Physics  1997 

Global monopole in scalar tensor theory

DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/15/3/014

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The well known monopole solution of Barriola and Vilenkin (BV) resulting from the breaking of a global SO(3) symmetry is extended in general relativity along with a zero mass scalar field and also in Brans-Dicke(BD) theory of gravity.In the case of BD theory, the behaviour of spacetime and other variables such as BD scalar field and the monopole energy density have been studied numerically.For monopole along with a zero mass scalar field, exact solutions are obtained and depending upon the choice of arbitary parameters, the solutions either reduce to the BV case or to a pure scalar field solution as special cases.It is interesting to note that unlike the BV case the global monopole in the BD theory does exert gravitational pull on a test particle moving in its spacetime.


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