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Physics  2014 

Moments Preserving and high-resolution Semi-Lagrangian Advection Scheme

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We present a forward semi-Lagrangian numerical method for systems of transport equations able to advect smooth and discontinuous fields with high-order accuracy. The numerical scheme is composed of an integration of the transport equations along the trajectory of material elements in a moving grid and a reconstruction of the fields in a reference regular mesh using a non-linear mapping and adaptive moment-preserving interpolations. The non-linear mapping allows for the arbitrary deformation of material elements. Additionally, interpolations can represent discontinuous fields using adaptive-order interpolation near jumps detected with a slope-limiter function. Due to the large number of operations during the interpolations, a serial implementation of this scheme is computationally expensive. The scheme has been accelerated in many-core parallel architectures using a thread per grid node and parallel data gathers. We present a series of tests that prove the scheme to be an attractive option for simulating advection equations in multi-dimensions with high accuracy.


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