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Physics  2013 

The Dense Stellar Systems Around Galactic Massive Black Holes

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The central regions of galaxies show the presence of massive black holes and/or dense stellar systems. The question about their modes of formation is still under debate. A likely explanation of the formation of the central dense stellar systems in both spiral and elliptical galaxies is based on the orbital decay of massive globular clusters in the central region of galaxies due to kinetic energy dissipation by dynamical friction. Their merging leads to the formation of a nuclear star cluster, like that of the Milky Way, where a massive black hole (Sgr A*) is also present. Actually, high precision N-body simulations (Antonini, Capuzzo-Dolcetta et al. 2012, ApJ, 750, 111) show a good fit to the observational characteristics of the Milky Way nuclear cluster, giving further reliability to the cited `migratory' model for the formation of compact systems in the inner galaxy regions.


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