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Physics  2012 

Anisotropic Bianchi-I Cosmological Models in String Cosmology with Variable Deceleration Parameter

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The present study deals with spatially homogeneous and anisotropic Bianchi-I cosmological model representing massive strings. The energy-momentum tensor, as formulated by Letelier (Phys. Rev. D 28: 2414, 1983) has been used to construct massive string cosmological model for which we assume that the expansion scalar in the model is proportional to one of the components of shear tensor. The Einstein's field equations have been solved by considering time dependent deceleration parameter which renders the scale factor $a = (\sinh(\alpha t))^{\frac{1}{n}}$, where $\alpha$ and $n$ are constants. It has been detected that, for $n > 1$, the presented model has a transition of the universe from the early decelerated phase to the recent accelerating phase at present epoch while for $0 < n \leq 1$, this describes purely accelerating universe which is consistent with recent astrophysical observations. Moreover, some physical and geometric properties of the model along with physical acceptability of the solutions have been also discussed in detail.


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