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Physics  2011 

Flavor Asymmetry of the Nucleon Sea and the Five-Quark Components of the Nucleons

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.252002

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The existence of the five-quark Fock states for the intrinsic charm quark in the nucleons was suggested some time ago, but conclusive evidence is still lacking. We generalize the previous theoretical approach to the light-quark sector and study possible experimental signatures for such five-quark states. In particular, we compare the $\bar d - \bar u$ and $\bar u + \bar d - s -\bar s$ data with the calculations based on the five-quark Fock states. The qualitative agreement between the data and the calculations is interpreted as evidence for the existence of the intrinsic light-quark sea in the nucleons. The probabilities for the $|uudu\bar{u}>$ and $|uudd\bar{d}>$ Fock states are also extracted.


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