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Physics  2005 

Dirac Cosmology and the Acceleration of the Contemporary Universe

DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/23/11/003

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A model is suggested to unify the Einstein GR and Dirac Cosmology. There is one adjusted parameter $b_2$ in our model. After adjusting the parameter $b_2$ in the model by using the supernova data, we have calculated the gravitational constant $\bar G$ and the physical quantities of $a(t)$, $q(t)$ and $\rho_r(t)/ \rho_b(t)$ by using the present day quantities as the initial conditions and found that the equation of state parameter $w_{\theta}$ equals to -0.83, the ratio of the density of the addition creation $\Omega_{\Lambda}=0.8$ and the ratio of the density of the matter including multiplication creation, radiation and normal matter $\Omega_m =0.2$ at present. The results are self-consistent and in good agreement with present knowledge in cosmology. These results suggest that the addition creation and multiplication creation in Dirac cosmology play the role of the dark energy and dark matter.


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