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Physics  2003 

Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya Spin Canting in the LTT Phase of La2-x-yEuySrxCuO4

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.70.214515

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The Cu spin magnetism in La2-x-yEuySrxCuO4 (x<=0.17; y<=0.2) has been studied by means of magnetization measurements up to 14 T. Our results clearly show that in the antiferromagnetic phase Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya (DM)superexchange causes Cu spin canting not only in the LTO phase but also in the LTLO and LTT phases. In La1.8Eu0.2CuO4 the canted DM-moment is about 50% larger than in pure La2CuO4 which we attribute to the larger octahedral tilt angle. We also find clear evidence that the size of the DM-moment does not change significantly at the structural transition at T_LT from LTO to LTLO and LTT. The most important change induced by the transition is a significant reduction of the magnetic coupling between the CuO2 planes. As a consequence, the spin-flip transition of the canted Cu spins which is observed in the LTO phase for magnetic field perpendicular to the CuO2 planes disappears in the LTT phase. The shape of the magnetization curves changes from the well known spin-flip type to a weak-ferromagnet type. However, no spontaneous weak ferromagnetism is observed even at very low temperatures, which seems to indicate that the interlayer decoupling in our samples is not perfect. Nonetheless, a small fraction (<15%) of the DM-moments can be remanently magnetized throughout the entire antiferromagnetically ordered LTT/LTLO phase, i.e. for T


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