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Physics  2002 

Infrared Photometry of the Globular Cluster Palomar 6

DOI: 10.1086/340464

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We present JHK photometry of Palomar 6. Our photometric measurements range from the RGB-tip to 2 mag below the RHB and our CMDs show that Palomar~6 appears to have a well-defined RHB population. The distance modulus and interstellar reddening of the cluster are estimated by comparing the magnitude and color of Palomar 6 RHB stars with respect to those of 47 Tuc. We obtain (m-M)_0 = 14.28 mag and E(B-V) = 1.30 mag for the cluster and our study suggests that Palomar~6 is clearly located in the Galaxy's central regions. We also discuss the metallicity of the cluster using the slope of the RGB. We obtain [Fe/H] = -1.2 for Palomar~6 and our metallicity estimate is 0.5 - 1.0 dex lower than previous estimates by others.


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