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Physics  1997 

pi-pi Scattering and the Meson Resonance Spectrum

DOI: 10.1007/s100500050067

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A pi-pi, Kbar-K, and rho-rho(omega-omega) fully coupled channel model is used to predict the lowest isospin S, P, D, F-wave phase shifts and inelasticities for elastic pi-pi scattering from threshold to 2.0 GeV. As input the S-matrix is required to exhibit poles corresponding to the meson resonance table of the Particle Data Group. As expected, the pi-pi inelasticity is very strongly related to the opening of the Kbar-K channel near 1 GeV, and the opening of rho-rho(4pi) and omega-omega(6pi) channels in the 1.5 GeV region. The predictions of this model are compared to the various elastic pi-pi to pi-pi amplitudes, that were obtained from analyses of pi(-) p to pi(-) pi(+) n data. The role of the various resonances, in particular the glueball candidate f_0(1500) and the f_J(1710) is investigated.


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