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Physics  2008 

Adsorption-Desorption Kinetics: A Review of a Classical Problem

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In this work we have analyzed the adsorption-desorption kinetics in the framework of the lattice gas model. We have shown that the coefficients representing the transition probabilities must be carefully chosen even when they fulfill the principle of detailed balance, otherwise the observables arising from the kinetics present anomalous behavior. We have demonstrated that when the adsorption $A_i$ and desorption $D_i$ coefficients are linearly related through a parameter $\gamma$, there are values of lateral interaction, $V$, that lead to bad behavior in the kinetics. We have shown a phase diagram for the allowed values of $V$ and $\gamma$, concluding that detailed balance does not guarantee a correct physical behavior of the observables obtained from the rate equations like adsorption isotherms, sticking coefficients and thermal desorption spectra. Alternatively, we have introduced a description of the adsorption-desorption processes based in a simple but consistent energetic argument that leads to a correct behavior of the observables without physical inconsistencies.


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