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Physics  2008 

Collins and Sivers asymmetries for pions and kaons in muon-deuteron DIS

DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2009.01.060

The COMPASS Collaboration,M. Alekseev,V. Yu. Alexakhin,Yu. Alexandrov,G. D. Alexeev,A. Amoroso,A. Arbuzov,B. Bade?ek,F. Balestra,J. Ball,J. Barth,G. Baum,Y. Bedfer,C. Bernet,R. Bertini,M. Bettinelli,R. Birsa,J. Bisplinghoff,P. Bordalo,F. Bradamante,A. Bravar,A. Bressan,G. Brona,E. Burtin,M. P. Bussa,A. Chapiro,M. Chiosso,A. Cicuttin,M. Colantoni,S. Costa,M. L. Crespo,S. Dalla Torre,T. Dafni,S. Das,S. S. Dasgupta,R. De Masi,N. Dedek,O. Yu. Denisov,L. Dhara,V. Diaz,A. M. Dinkelbach,S. V. Donskov,V. A. Dorofeev,N. Doshita,V. Duic,W. Dünnweber,P. D. Eversheim,A. V. Efremov,W. Eyrich,M. Faessler,V. Falaleev,A. Ferrero,L. Ferrero,M. Finger,M. Finger Jr.,H. Fischer,C. Franco,J. Franz,J. M. Friedrich,V. Frolov,R. Garfagnini,F. Gautheron,O. P. Gavrichtchouk,R. Gazda,S. Gerassimov,R. Geyer,M. Giorgi,B. Gobbo,S. Goertz,A. M. Gorin,S. Grabmüller,O. A. Grajek,A. Grasso,B. Grube,R. Gushterski,A. Guskov,F. Haas,J. Hannappel,D. von Harrach,T. Hasegawa,J. Heckmann,S. Hedicke,F. H. Heinsius,R. Hermann,C. He?,F. Hinterberger,M. von Hodenberg,N. Horikawa,S. Horikawa,N. d'Hose,C. Ilgner,A. I. Ioukaev,S. Ishimoto,O. Ivanov,Yu. Ivanshin,T. Iwata,R. Jahn,A. Janata,P. Jasinski,R. Joosten,N. I. Jouravlev,E. Kabu?,D. Kang,B. Ketzer,G. V. Khaustov,Yu. A. Khokhlov,Yu. Kisselev,F. Klein,K. Klimaszewski,S. Koblitz,J. H. Koivuniemi,V. N. Kolosov,E. V. Komissarov,K. Kondo,K. K?nigsmann,I. Konorov,V. F. Konstantinov,A. S. Korentchenko,A. Korzenev,A. M. Kotzinian,N. A. Koutchinski,O. Kouznetsov,A. Kral

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The measurements of the Collins and Sivers asymmetries of identified hadrons produced in deep-inelastic scattering of 160 GeV/c muons on a transversely polarised 6LiD target at COMPASS are presented. The results for charged pions and charged and neutral kaons correspond to all data available, which were collected from 2002 to 2004. For all final state particles both the Collins and Sivers asymmetries turn out to be small, compatible with zero within the statistical errors, in line with the previously published results for not identified charged hadrons, and with the expected cancellation between the u- and d-quark contributions.


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