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Physics  2013 

Temperature induced inversion of oxygen response in CVD graphene on SiO2

DOI: 10.1016/j.snb.2013.09.068

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We have synthesized single-layer graphene on Cu foils using chemical vapor deposition method and transferred the graphene to the top of a Si/SiO2 substrate with a pair of prefabricated Ti/Au electrodes. A resistive graphene-based gas sensor prepared in this way revealed n-type oxygen response at room temperature and we have successfully fitted the data obtained with varying oxygen levels using a two-site Langmuir model. P-type oxygen response of our sensor was observed after the temperature was raised to 100 oC, with a reversible transition to n-type behaviour when the temperature was lowered back to room temperature. Such inversion of the gas response type with temperature was interpreted as a result of interplay between the adsorbate-induced charge transfer and charge carrier scattering. The transduction function was derived, which relates the electrical response to surface coverage through both the induced mobility and charge density changes.


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