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Physics  2013 

A Closer Look at Gaugino Masses in Pure Gravity Mediation Model/Minimal Split SUSY Model

DOI: 10.1007/JHEP12(2013)016

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We take a closer look at the gaugino masses in the context of pure gravity mediation models/minimal split SUSY models. We see that the gaugino mass spectrum has a richer structure in the presence of vector-like matter fields even when they couple to the supersymmetry breaking sector only through Planck suppressed operators. For example, the gluino mass can be much lighter than in anomaly mediation, enhancing the detectability of the gluino at the LHC experiments. The rich gaugino spectrum also allows new possibilities for dark matter scenarios such as the bino-wino co-annihilation, bino-gluino co-annihilation, or even wino-gluino co-annihilation scenarios, which affects future collider experiments as well as dark matter search experiments.


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