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Physics  2011 

Two-particle bosonic-fermionic quantum walk via 3D integrated photonics

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.010502

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Quantum walk represents one of the most promising resources for the simulation of physical quantum systems, and has also emerged as an alternative to the standard circuit model for quantum computing. Up to now the experimental implementations have been restricted to single particle quantum walk, while very recently the quantum walks of two identical photons have been reported. Here, for the first time, we investigate how the particle statistics, either bosonic or fermionic, influences a two-particle discrete quantum walk. Such experiment has been realized by adopting two-photon entangled states and integrated photonic circuits. The polarization entanglement was exploited to simulate the bunching-antibunching feature of non interacting bosons and fermions. To this scope a novel three-dimensional geometry for the waveguide circuit is introduced, which allows accurate polarization independent behaviour, maintaining a remarkable control on both phase and balancement.


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