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Physics  1996 

Finite Temperature Transitions in Lattice QCD with Wilson Quarks --- Chiral Transitions and the Influence of the Strange Quark ---

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.54.7010

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The nature of finite temperature transitions in lattice QCD with Wilson quarks is studied near the chiral limit for the cases of 2, 3, and 6 flavors of degenerate quarks ($N_F=2$, 3, and 6) and also for the case of massless up and down quarks and a light strange quark ($N_F=2+1$). Our simulations mainly performed on lattices with the temporal direction extension $N_t=4$ indicate that the finite temperature transition in the chiral limit (chiral transition) is continuous for $N_F=2$, while it is of first order for $N_F=3$ and 6. We find that the transition is of first order for the case of massless up and down quarks and the physical strange quark where we obtain a value of $m_\phi/m_\rho$ consistent with the physical value. We also discuss the phase structure at zero temperature as well as that at finite temperatures.


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