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Physics  1995 

Introduction to the Theory of Goyaks (Operator Manifold Approach to Geometry and Particle Physics)

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The question that guides our discussion is "how did the geometry and particles come into being?" To explore this query we suggest the theory of goyaks, which reveals the primordial deeper structures underlying fundamantal concepts of contemporary physics. It address itself to the question of the prime-cause of origin of geometry and basic concepts of particle physics such as the fundamental fields of quarks and leptons with the spins and various quantum numbers, internal symmetries and so on; also basic principles of Relativity, Quantum, Gauge and Color Confinement, which are, as it was proven, all derivative and come into being simultaneously. The substance out of which the geometry and particles are made is a set of new physical structures-the goyaks involved into reciprocal linkage establishing processes. We elaborated a new mathematical framework, which is a still wider generalization of the familiar methods of secondary quantization with appropriate expansion over the geometric objects. One interesting offshoot of it directly leads to the formalism of operator manifold, which framed our discussion throughout this paper. It yields the quantization of geometry, which differs in principle from all earlier studies. Many of the important anticipated properties, basic concepts and principles of particle physics are appeared quite naturally in the framework of suggested theory. It predicts a class of possible models of internal symmetries, which utilize the whole idea of gauge symmetry and reproduce the known phenomenology of electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. Here we focused our attention mainly on developing the mathematical foundations for our novel viewpoint. We believe that the more realistic final theory of particles and interactions can be found within the


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