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Physics  1995 

Search for the Decay $K^+ \to π^+ ν\overlineν$

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.76.1421

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An upper limit on the branching ratio for the decay $K^+ \! \rightarrow \! \pi^+ \nu \overline{\nu}$ is set at $2.4 \times 10^{-9}$ at the 90\% C.L. using pions in the kinematic region $214~{\rm MeV}/c < P_\pi < 231~{\rm MeV}/c$. An upper limit of $5.2 \times 10^{-10}$ is found on the branching ratio for decays $K^+ \! \rightarrow \! \pi^+ X^0$, where $X^0$ is any massless, weakly interacting neutral particle. Limits are also set for cases where $M_{X^0}>0$.


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