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Physics  2003 

Unitarity in gauge symmetry breaking on orbifold

DOI: 10.1143/PTP.109.831

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We study the unitarity bounds of the scattering amplitudes in the extra dimensional gauge theory where the gauge symmetry is broken by the boundary condition. The estimation of the amplitude of the diagram including four massive gauge bosons in the external lines shows that the asymptotic power behavior of the amplitude is canceled. The calculation will be done in the 5 dimensional standard model and the SU(5) grand unified theory, whose 5th dimensional coordinate is compactified on $S^1/Z_2$. The broken gauge theories through the orbifolding preserve the unitarity at high energies similarly to the broken gauge theories where the gauge bosons obtain their masses through the Higgs mechanism. We show that the contributions of the Kaluza-Klein states play a crucial role in conserving the unitarity.


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