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Physics  2003 

Lyman Break Galaxies and the Star Formation Rate of the Universe at z~6

DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2003.06546.x

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We determine the space density of UV-luminous star-burst galaxies at z~6 using deep HST ACS SDSS-i' (F775W) and SDSS-z' (F850LP) and VLT ISAAC J and K_s band imaging of the Chandra Deep Field South. We find 8 galaxies and one star with (i'-z')>1.5 to a depth of z'{AB}= 25.6 (an 8-sigma detection in each of the 3 available ACS epochs). This corresponds to an unobscured star formation rate of ~15M_sun/yr/h{70}^2 at z=5.8, equivalent to L* for the Lyman break population at z =3-4 (Omega_{Lambda}=0.7, Omega_M=0.3). We are sensitive to star forming galaxies at 5.6


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