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Physics  1998 

Nucleon Magnetic Moments Beyond the Perturbative Chiral Regime

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.60.034014

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The quark mass dependence of nucleon magnetic moments is explored over a wide range. Quark masses currently accessible to lattice QCD, which lie beyond the regime of chiral perturbation theory (chiPT), are accessed via the cloudy bag model (CBM). The latter reproduces the leading nonanalytic behavior of chiPT, while modeling the internal structure of the hadron under investigation. We find that the predictions of the CBM are succinctly described by the simple formula, \mu_N(m_\pi) = \mu^{(0)}_N / (1 + \alpha m_\pi + \beta m_\pi^2), which reproduces the lattice data, as well as the leading nonanalytic behavior of chiPT. As this form also incorporates the anticipated Dirac moment behavior in the limit m_\pi \to \infty, it constitutes a powerful method for extrapolating lattice results to the physical mass regime.


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