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Physics  1998 

Correlation energy of an electron gas in strong magnetic fields at high densities

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.58.15460

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The high-density electron gas in a strong magnetic field B and at zero temperature is investigated. The quantum strong-field limit is considered in which only the lowest Landau level is occupied. It is shown that the perturbation series of the ground-state energy can be represented in analogy to the Gell-Mann Brueckner expression of the ground-state energy of the field-free electron gas. The role of the expansion parameter is taken by r_B= (2/3 \pi^2) (B/m^2) (\hbar r_s /e)^3 instead of the field-free Gell-Mann Brueckner parameter r_s. The perturbation series is given exactly up to o(r_B) for the case of a small filling factor for the lowest Landau level.


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