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Physics  1995 

$ε$-Expansion of the Conductivity at the Superconductor-Mott Insulator Transition

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.53.R8883

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We study the critical behavior of the conductivity $\sigma(\omega)$ at the zero temperature superconductor-Mott insulator transition in $d$ space-time dimensions for a model of bosons with short-range interaction and no disorder. We obtain $\sigma(\omega_n ) = (4e^2/\hbar) \sigma_{\epsilon} \omega_n^{1-\epsilon}$, as predicted by the scaling theory, and the prefactor $\sigma_{\epsilon}$ is calculated in the $\epsilon$-expansion, to order $\epsilon ^2$ ($\epsilon = 4-d$). In two spatial dimensions, ($d=3$), we find a value of the universal conductance $\sigma^\star =0.315 (4e^2/h)$, in good agreement with the known Monte Carlo results.


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