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Physics  1994 

b \rightarrow s γAND Z \rightarrow b \overline{b} IN TECHNICOLOR WITH SCALARS

DOI: 10.1016/0370-2693(94)01495-X

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We consider the radiative decay $b\rightarrow s \gamma$, and the correction to the $Zb\overline{b}$ vertex in technicolor models with scalars. In these models, the scalar develops a vacuum expectation value when the technifermions condense, and the ordinary fermions develop masses via Yukawa couplings. Since the symmetry breaking sector involves both a fundamental scalar doublet and an isotriplet of composite scalars (the technipions), the phenomenology associated with the charged scalars is similar to that found in a type-I two-Higgs doublet model. We show that the correction to the $Zb\overline{b}$ vertex is small over the allowed parameter space of the model in the two limits that we consider, and that there can be large, potentially observable, contributions to the $b\rightarrow s \gamma$ branching fraction.


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