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Physics  2007 

Electron and lattice structure of ultra thin Ag films on Si(111) and Si(001)

DOI: 10.1016/j.susc.2007.09.020

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We studied the low temperature (T<130K) growth of Ag on Si(001) and Si(111) flat surfaces prepared by Si homo epitaxy with the aim to achieve thin metallic films. The band structure and morphology of the Ag overlayers have been investigated by means of XPS, UPS, LEED, STM and STS. Surprisingly a (root3xroot3)R30^o LEED structure for Ag films has been observed after deposition of 2-6 ML Ag onto a Si(111)(root3xroot3)R30^o Ag surface at low temperatures. XPS investigations showed that these films are solid, and UPS measurements indicate that they are metallic. However, after closer STM studies we found that these films consists of sharp Ag islands and (root3xroot3)R30^o Ag flat terraces in between. On Si(001) the low-temperature deposition yields an epitaxial growth of Ag on clean Si(001)2x1 with a twinned Ag(111) structure at coverages as low as 10 ML. Furthermore the conductivity of few monolayer Ag films on Si(100) surfaces has been studied as a function of temperature (40-300 K).


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