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Physics  1994 

Quantum and Many-Body Effects on the Capacitance of a Quantum Dot

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.50.8885

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We calculate exactly, using finite size techniques, the quantum mechanical and many-body effects to the self-capacitance of a spherical quantum dot in the regime of extreme confinement, where the radius of the sphere is much smaller than the effective Bohr radius. We find that the self-capacitance oscillates as a function of the number of electrons close to its classical value. We also find that the electrostatic energy extrapolates to zero when $N=1$, suggesting that the energy scales like $e^{2}N(N-1)$. This establishes, at least for this configuration, that the semiclassical description of Coulomb charging effects in terms of capacitances holds to a good approximation even at very small scales.


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