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Physics  2006 

Electric-Field-Induced Resonant Spin Polarization in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas

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Electric response of spin polarization in two-dimensional electron gas with structural inversion asymmetry subjected to a magnetic field was studied by means of the linear and non-linear theory and numerical simulation with the disorder effect. It was found by Kubo linear reponse theory that an electric resonant response of spin polarization occurs when the Fermi surface is located near the crossing of two Landau levels, which is induced from the competition between the spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman splitting. The scaling behavior was investigated with a simplified two-level model by non-linear method, and the resonant peak value is reciprocally proportional to the electric field at low temperatures and to temperature for finite electric fields. Finally numerical simulation illustrated that impurity potential opens an enegy gap near the resonant point and suppresses the effect gradually with the increasing strength of disorder. This resonant effect may provide an efficient way to control spin polarization by an external electric field.


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