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Physics  2009 

Oxygen quenching in LAB based liquid scintillator and nitrogen bubbling model

DOI: 10.1088/1674-1137/34/5/011

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The oxygen quenching effect in Linear Alkl Benzne (LAB) based liquid scintillator (LAB as the solvent, 3 g/L 2, 5 diphe-nyloxazole (PPO) as the fluor and 15 mg/L $p$-bis-($o$-methylstyryl)-benzene (bis-MSB) as the $\lambda$-shifter) is studied by measuring the light yield as the function of the nitrogen bubbling time. It is shown that the light yield of the fully purged liquid scintillator is increased by 11% at the room temperature and the room atmosphere pressure. A simple nitrogen bubbling model is proposed to describe the relationship between the relative light yield (oxygen quenching factor) and the bubbling time.


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