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Physics  2009 

Time-delay and Doppler tests of the Lorentz symmetry of gravity

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.80.044004

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Modifications to the classic time-delay effect and Doppler shift in General Relativity (GR) are studied in the context of the Lorentz-violating Standard-Model Extension (SME). We derive the leading Lorentz-violating corrections to the time-delay and Doppler shift signals, for a light ray passing near a massive body. It is demonstrated that anisotropic coefficients for Lorentz violation control a time-dependent behavior of these signals that is qualitatively different from the conventional case in GR. Estimates of sensitivities to gravity-sector coefficients in the SME are given for current and future experiments, including the recent Cassini solar conjunction experiment.


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