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Physics  1996 

Dynamics of Domains in Diluted Antiferromagnets

DOI: 10.1016/0378-4371(96)00133-1

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We investigate the dynamics of two-dimensional site-diluted Ising antiferromagnets. In an external magnetic field these highly disordered magnetic systems have a domain structure which consists of fractal domains with sizes on a broad range of length scales. We focus on the dynamics of these systems during the relaxation from a long-range ordered initial state to the disordered fractal-domain state after applying an external magnetic field. The equilibrium state with applied field consists of fractal domains with a size distribution which follows a power law with an exponential cut-off. The dynamics of the system can be understood as a growth process of this fractal-domain state in such a way that the equilibrium distribution of domains develops during time. Following these ideas quantitatively we derive a simple description of the time dependence of the order parameter. The agreement with simulations is excellent.


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